Scale Inc. is a Social Startup Studio

Theory of Change

Why do we exist?


The way we build


We generate and test unique business ideas for social impact. After carefully validating the concept, we partner up with brilliant entrepreneurs to build a product used by millions.


Together with the co-founders, our multi-disciplinary team works hands-on to build strong social impact product/service, which is then tested with pilot users to swiftly confirm the product/market fit.


As soon as we have traction, we publicly release the product/service and focus rigorously on growth and user acquisition, while transferring valuable knowledge to the co-founding team


At the right time, the new startup leaves the nest to become a fully financially and operationally independent company. The startup founders gradually build up their own teams and culture within this new company.



Our first venture would replicate the successful Africa Yoga Project (AYP) from Kenya. AYP’s core achievement is its success at teaching yoga as a vocational skill and providing employment for the graduates of their program. These graduates are youth from poor families often with limited education and exposure on their resumes who are now earning a decent livelihood as yoga instructors.

We have identified that this model, with slight modifications to include other forms of fitness and well being, is ripe for replication especially in India. India is waiting to witness exponential growth in the health and fitness segments. Physical education training segments are ripe for disruption with some focused
training and certification programs.

As Scale Inc.’s first enterprise we want to build on AYP’s idea withour maiden venture CoolCoach.

Cool Coach wants to select, train and place youth from poor families into the fast growing fitness industry in India. Cool Coach believes that a career as a fitness trainer is lucrative and with low barriers to entry. It provides a fantastic opportunity for motivated youth to be quickly skilled and gainfully employed.

Cool Coach will up skill unemployed / partially employed youth from poorer sections of the society through a concrete and effective training and certification program that will provide specific fitness training skills and requisite soft skills to make them employable. Cool Coach will also liaise with Gyms & Fitness Centers to help employ these trained youth.


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